Tired of Being Bitten and Stung by Ants?

Tired of Being Bitten and Stung by Ants?

Schedule ant extermination services in Cleveland Heights & throughout the Cleveland, OH area

Progressive Pest Solutions provides pest control services in the Cleveland Heights & Cleveland, OH & surrounding areas. We can get rid of your ant problem in no time at all, no matter what type of ant is infesting your property.

The first step of our ant extermination process is to identify the type of ants that have made your yard their home. We treat for:

Fire ants-red in color and deliver a powerful sting
Carpenter ants-black or brown and deliver painful bites
Formica ants-look similar to the carpenter ants and deliver powerful bites

After we identify what type of ants we're exterminating, we treat your property for them. The most effective way to do this is to spray their colonies with the appropriate insecticides and set up ant traps.

Trust our environmentally friendly insecticides to wipe out your ant infestation without damaging the rest of your property or harming your family.

3 signs that ants are invading your home

Progressive Pest Solutions is a professional exterminator company that gets rid of fire ants and carpenter ants in Cleveland Heights & Cleveland, OH & surrounding areas.

You might have an ant infestation if you notice:

  1. Ant trails leading to and from your foundation
  2. Sawdust piles that they leave behind when they chew on organic materials
  3. Ant colonies

Reach out to us today to discuss the extent of your ant problems.